Friday, August 10, 2012

The stress of a snack

I am writing from a happy place today.

I am not sure if it is the James Taylor & Carole King I have playing as I type or the fact that tomorrow is GNO.

Sidenote:  Have I ever told you that I write and listen to music?  I do.  Kind of strange, I know.  Music to write.  Music to photograph.

Anyway, I am also in a happy place because I picked a snack.

What is she talking about, you ask?

Well you see, we are all suppose to bring a snack to share with everyone on this trip.

As soon as I read it I began to perspire from every pore in my body.  I think WAY too much into these kinds of things.

I could make Islander Dip... I love it but what if it doesn't get eaten because no one else likes it??

I could make Roasted Corn Salsa... that is a little time consuming and what if no one likes it??

I could make spinach dip... what if no one likes it??

What if no one likes ittttttt??

Everything that came to mind, I was scared everyone would hate.

My biggest fear is that I will make something that no one likes.

That is a bad feeling.

I would be a terrible contestant on Top Chef.

Cooking for a big group of people is too stressful.

I am sure bringing a snack did not stress anyone else out.  Just crazy me.  Overthinking, a curse I got from my Mom.

I have been spoiled by the fact that my husband eats everything I put in front of him.

He may hate it but he will eat every bit of it without so much as a funny face.

It is super sweet but it gives me a sort of fake confidence in cooking.

"How was your dinner last night?"  "Oh, I cooked it a little too long.  The bottom was a little black but Ryan LOVED it."

With my insecurities in place, I decided to buy a snack.

So, I decided on pimento cheese and homemade bread from The Bread Lady.

Therefore, if it is crap... we can blame her.  It will not fall on me.

I also grabbed a bag of Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps because they are yummy on the beach AND I didn't have to make them.  Ha!


Now I am off to pack my bags and not-Hailey-made foods.  T minus 21 hours and counting.  Woo-hoo!

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Shayna said...

You're so funny! Glad that you got your snacks situated - sounds perfect! :)