Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday Letters on ummm Saturday: 2nd ed.

Dear Friday,
You came and went by way too fast.

The girl who doesn't have enough hours in a day


Dear Gossip Girl,
You keep me awake WAY to late/early in the morning.
It is getting ridiculous.
Why must you be so addicting?

(heart) Hailey Archibald (heart)


Notice I still had 34 minutes and 40 seconds left to watch.


Dear Iron Man,
Thank you so much for finally getting rid of the stumps in our backyard.
Those trees fell during a hurricane exactly one year ago.
I am so happy those eye sores are now gone.
Now, for the bushes in the front we've been wanting to get rid of...

Ironing Woman


Dear McDonald's wokers,
It is critical that I have my large black iced coffee in the mornings.
I do NOT like it when you mess it up.
I specifically ask for "a large black iced coffee.  No cream.  No liquid sugar."
It is awful when you think you are getting a black coffee until you sip and find that it has been loaded it down with liquid sugar.
Please don't let it happen again.

Thanks for making me vomit in my mouth,
Black Coffee Lover



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Ashley said...

I LOVED Gossip Girl until (spoiler alert it you just started) Lizzy Maguire had a threesome. What/?!!