Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My favorite pictures lately...

I wanted you to meet a few cuties I have had the privilege of taking photographs of this summer.


 The summer began with a photo shoot with a brother and sister.
Meet Jarrett and baby sister Kenley.
This was right before Kenley's 1st birthday party (which was owl themed).
She was tu-tu cute!!

This summer, I also met some friends for family shots at the beach.
This is Blair.
He is absolutely the cutest baby I have ever laid eyes on.

I also did Justin's pictures.
I have been doing pictures of him since he was tiny.
His birthday is less than a month before Bug's.
However, they are not in the same class at preschool.
Justin will be a year ahead of her in school because he just made the August 31st cutoff date.

He is a character and is always making people laugh!

I also had the chance to take pictures for a close friend.
This was the second time shooting her little one.
Gracie is a mess.
She has grown so much in the past year.
She was NOT happy about me being in her face, taking her picture.
I did get one sweet smile from her though.

I just did pictures for a family member.
They are the most gorgeous family ever.
Little Londyn was awesome for the camera.
She is such a cutie!

Girlfriend, loved the water until...

... she decided to sit down in it.
She was NOT a happy camper with a wet, sandy dress.
However, she was too cute and it made for adorable pictures.


Thanks to everyone for asking me to take your pictures.
I have so much fun spending time with you and your families!



Ashley said...

These are all fantastic!!! Every time I'm in Kinston, I'll ask someone who took their amazing pictures, and they're always like Hailey did them!

Kari said...


Meredith Criswell said...

Love them all, but especially the ones of my love bug! :)