Thursday, August 16, 2012


Today was our last day on our mini vacay.

I settled into Heavier than Heaven with the wave lapping at my feet.

The girls took off with Grandmom to play pretend.

I took a break from Kurt and I watched them play for a while.

Caroline was "making a movie".  She was Allison and she was a surfer.

Then they played bath tub.  The fought over the biggest hole in the pool of ocean water that gathered during the exchanging of tides.

The biggest hole equals the biggest bath tub... complete with dead, half eaten sand fleas.  But we all know that biggest is bestest even with a little dead sand fiddlers floating around.

From the shoreline, I saw two little imaginations racing... taking my babies anywhere they wanted to go.

Those moments are what I want to remember.

Sometimes I feel like all I talk about is the bad days.

I want to remember the good days too.

I love the imagination of my children.

I always want them to remember that with a little imagination and you have the whole world at your fingertips.

Dream on, little ones.

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