Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sisterly Love

Caroline is adjusting to school.

Actually, I can't believe that I am saying this but she loves it.

She woke up this morning, hopped in the bathtub, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth and was ready to go.  No  fight.  No screams.  No vomit (thank God).

I will admit she may have been excited because today is PE day.  She LOVES her PE teacher (she even stalks his pictures on Facebook... I'm not kidding).  I hated PE as a child.  I do not have an athletic bone in my body.  Caroline though, is pretty coordinated.  She is pretty great at everything that she does.

She was also excited because she has a pretty awesome teacher that has promised to do pretty awesome things this year.

So, while Caroline is at school having a blast... Bug is NOT adjusting very well to being at home without her.

By 9:30am this morning, Bug had:

- a meltdown because "we can't go to storytime without CAROLINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  We can't!"
- asked 3 times, "When do we go pick up Big?"

Although I want to pull my hair out on the daily, my girls do play well together.  They will hop on a plane and fly to China, eat lunch in New York City, be teacher and student, be mama and daughter.  Most of the time they enjoy being together.

It is easy to say that depression has set in because Big is not here all day.

Bug is in a slump.  She just lounges on Caroline's bed, watching Doc McStuffins reruns with her babies most of the day.

Occasionally she will come out of Big's room and ask, "When are we picking Big up?"

She starts preschool soon.  That is sure to bring about multiple meltdowns.  So, until then I will let her lay quietly in her sister's room.


Ashley said...

Awww!!! I'm so sad for her :( I know Walker will be the same way when Charlie leaves for school. At least she has preschool to look forward to!

Kari said...

Oh! That is so sad! And, sweet!