Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Despite my lack of blogging, I am alive and well.

We survived GNO.

We had a fabulous time.

FABULOUS, I tell you.

Our friends Jamie and Heather set up the whole trip.  We stayed at Jamie's mom's place.

Jamie is a great friend a girl.  She loves to take care of people.  I mean, just look at the reminders she sent us.  She and Heather even packed little brown bag lunches for everyone to eat on the beach.  Love those girls!

Of course, the whole drive down we were driving into a big black cloud.

We were all silently praying the sun would come out and give us a little time on the beach.

Much to our surprise, our prayers were answered.

We were able to spend a little time on the beach together.

We even did a few dance dares on the beach.  Yes, there are videos.  No, I will not post them just yet.  Let's just say Bud Light Lime-a-ritas make you do crazy things.

We went back to the house and all 7 of us got ready in no time.  We went to Amos Mosquito's for dinner.

As you know, this is one of my favorites.  I was looking forward to some sort of "white fish" like mahi or wahoo.  Their fresh catch was yellowfin tuna and I just wasn't in the mood for that.  I decided on the crab cake appetizer which was amazing.

And guess what?  I met Jaime Pressly.

She is from Kinston, NC which is right beside my hometown, La Grange.

I have seen her before.  I even saw her once at a local pizza place and almost knocked a sign down staring at her.  Embarrassing... yes.

This time, I decided to introduce myself and become BFFs with her.  I was shaking.  My heart was beating out of my chest and I am pretty sure that in this picture I was about to throw up because I was so excited.

She is so beautiful, sweet, nice, tiny, perfect, awesome, beautiful...



We went to a few shops and then to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream.

A few dance dares later, we were back at home in our PJs giggling the night away.

I am so lucky to have such a fabulous group of friends.  We are already planning our next girls trip!


This is all about what a "Dance Dare" is...


Heather said...

I had the BEST time!!! We definitely need to post our pics to Youtube so we can get that gift card. HOLLA!!! :):):) Can't wait for the next girls night out!!

Lisa said...

Have you read her (Jaime Pressley, that is) book? It popped up in The Dollar Store a month or so ago. Not the highest quality read in the world, but it is interesting to hear her descriptions of Kinston, Grifton, Oriental, etc.