Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So my Nana LOVES as seen on TV stuff.

Loves it.

She orders everything.

And she dials the 1-800 number to do it.

So, when she saw the Dream Lite Pillow Pets, she wanted to order them for the girls for their birthdays.

Of course, my girls had seen them on a commerical and were DYING to have one.

We patiently waited for the commercial.  Why I just didn't google it is beyond me.  It finally came on and I scrambled for a pen.  If I don't write stuff down, I forget it.

I called Nana and said, " Ok, I have the website for those night light things from the TV."

"Well, did you get the number?"

"Nan, you can order them online.  I even have a 25% off code."

"Well, you are going to have to come over here and do it.  I don't know how to do that."

On her behalf, she is usually pretty technologically sound.  I am not sure why ordering things online sends here into orbit.

I drove over to her house and ordered the Dream Lites.

Little did I know that 16 days later, we would still not have the stupid things.

Nana called the same day and ordered American Girl dolls (remember she doesn't order online).  They were here in 7 days.

Order by phone... get your items in a timely manner.

Order by web... wait for a person to walk it across the country to you.

I was thinking about those stupid pillows today.

I cursed the US mail and their slow asses.

Then, I realized it wasn't totally their fault.

I have just been hitting the tracking number.  I haven't noticed this (pictured below) right above it....

It took those people 10 days to ship these stupid pillows out.


I guess they had to make and glue all of that synthetic fur piece by little piece.


That is how long it took them to go into a warehouse, pick up TWO Dream Lites and place them in a box.

TEN DAYS to put two pillows in a box.

It is NOT that serious, y'all.

I should have known I was dealing with nuts.

Clearly, they use the word "Lite" instead of "light".

I am sure when they come in... IF THEY EVER COME IN... batteries will NOT be included which will send me over the top.

Thanks a lot TV.  Thanks a lot!


RichLittlePoorGirl said...

hey girl! thanks for the sweet comment and follow :)

i love your blog - you're fantastic.

following you back now!


Heather said...

Too funny!!! Reagan is all about a "dream lite" and has asked for one for Christmas. Let me know if your girls like them.