Tuesday, August 7, 2012


1.  I woke up Sunday morning feeling very hungover.  We had a date night Saturday night and I may have dabbled in a little Beefeater.  I woke feeling like I drank the whole fifth.  Little did I know that a fever blister was slowly growing to the size of a goiter in the corner of my mouth.  Yuck!  Why me?

2.  I was then made fun of for carrying Valtrex around in my pocketbook.  Don't hate.

3.  The girls cried for balloons at my Nana's house.  She whipped out a bag of balloons from who knows where or who knows when.  I blew the balloons up and they resembled a male copulatory organ (don't google that at work).    I am sure my husband is going to find that google search interesting in our history.  I am calling it that because I don't want people googling the other word and finding a mom blog.  That would be terrible.
Anyway, even my sweet, conversative, Southern Baptist princess Nana had a little chuckle.  It was especially funny when the girls were screaming for me to blow up the pink balloon.  "Just blow up the pink balloon," Nana chimed in.  "Nana, I don't think that would be very appropriate."  Of course the girls were oblivious to the connection we had made.  Caroline just walked about whacking everyone and everything with her male copulatory organ balloon laughing hysterically.

4.  I use google as spell checker.  Is that normal?

5.  Tonight is Taco Tuesday.  The girls begged.  I don't cook tacos very often anymore.  Tonight we are doing something a little different, a taco ring.  Even I am kind of excited.

6.  I took BOTH of the children to Walmart to grocery shop today with NO list in hand.  Talk about a nightmare.  I don't even know what I bought.

7.  Speaking of Walmart, they are now carrying Dream Lites.  After waiting FOREVER for ours, you can now buy them at Walmart.  I should have known.

8.  The Dream Lites came and the girls love them.  They are pretty neat.  However, we were extremely disappointed in their size.  I was thinking they would be the size of a regular pillow pet.  They are not.  They are the size of the little miniature pillow pets.

9.  4 days until GNO at the beach.  Some girls have already packed their bag.  I will be packing mine shortly.  I am counting down the hours.

10.  Who else is looking forwArd to Pretty Little LiArs tonight?

What are some of your randoms today?

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