Monday, June 25, 2012

Rain. . . FINALLY

Yesterday was excruciatingly hot.

The humidity wrapped a blanket around your face when you walked outside.

You didn't even find much relief under the shade trees.

The Earth was super dry.  Everything, humans included, were longing for water.

Emma announced that her face was "burning" and she needed to go inside for a drink of Pepsi.

I will admit, I got a little excited at the sight of rain clouds.

They covered the hot sun and gave us all a second of relief.

We were all secretly praying for rain.

And finally, rain it did.

The rain came and stayed a while.

Our ditches and backyard overflowed with water.

I am pretty sure everything outside could be heard singing a sigh of relief.

The girls have never played in the rain.  To be honest, I have never let them.  It isn't something I was ever allowed to do as a child.  Not because my Mom said no but because I never wanted to do it.  I just always thought when it rained, you stayed inside.  Not to mention, I am not a big fan of grass sticking to my feet legs whole body.  

With their little noses pressed to the glass front door, I knew the girls wanted to go out.  I knew they wanted to "jump in muddy puddles" just like Peppa Pig.

"Do y'all want to go out and play?"  They both looked at me dumbfounded.  Before I could change my mind, they were out the door.

I think the rain was a shock at first because they started out kind of slow.  Lightly tiptoeing in the rain then deciding to gently bounce to splash just a little water.

The splashes eventually got bigger and suddenly they never wanted the rain to end.  However, Emma was nervous her white skirt was going to get wet.  She didn't realize the falling rain was soaking it already.  She held on tight to that skirt, protecting it.

I grabbed my camera to capture their first rain dance.

Sometimes when I am shooting, random songs will pop in my head.  Yesterday, Led Zeppelin's Bron-Y-Aur Stomp was the song playing in my head.

Click play and look at the pictures.  You will thank me later.


"As we walk down the country lanes, I'll be singing a song,
Hear me calling your name.
Hear the wind within the trees, Telling Mother Nature 'bout you and me."

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