Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Texting with Jay.

My Dad can barely turn on a computer.

Technology is stressful for him.

The most technologically advanced he get is his UPS DIAD.

He thought it was so awesome when I set up an email for him.

Speaking of, I wonder how often he checks it?

Anyway, the day my Dad starting texting was the day we thought the world was going to end.

He can even forward messages now.

He mostly forwards the ugly jokes that he laughs about for days.

Well, yesterday we had a texting conversation.

The Big Rock tournament that is going on right now.

Our neighbor at the beach is fishing and I was giving him an update.
Hailey:  Carolina Time hooked up at 12:19pm.

Hailey: I'll keep you updated

Dad:  Tks

Hailey: Lost (pulled hook) at 12:48

Dad: Tks


WTF is tks?

I thought about it for a minute.


Tks means thanks!

Well, I thought Dad had just made this abbreviation up (more than likely he did).

I googled it just to see if this was actually an abbreviation for thanks.

My google results came in.

Sure enough, TKS means thanks.

Who would have ever thought MY Dad would know this stuff?

I'm proud of you, Dad!

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