Sunday, June 3, 2012

The things my children say and do

Caroline and Emma were playing shop.

Emma was the shop owner.

She was in charge and everyone knew it.

She was running the show.

Caroline kindly asked to help I her shop and Emma agreed.

Suddenly, Emma said, "Caroline, did you just poot?"

Well, if you know my oldest daughter, you know the answer to that question.

She has no shame.

She is Flatulence Queen of the World.

She can do it on command... And that is NO joke.

Caroline said "yep!"

Emma got loud. "well, get out of my shop!"

Emma is very prim and proper when it comes to bodily functions.

She obviously was not happy about it going on in her shop.


My sister, Anna, has a little shorkie named Busta.

Cute little dog.

However, he can be a little destructive.

He ate the corner of a book at the beach.

We didn't tell anyone.

We pushed the book way back and prayed no one would see it.

Caroline and Emma knew this was all going down.

Later on Caroline yelled, "Anna, what did you do to that book Busta ate?"

No one heard her, thank goodness.

Emma leaned over to her and very quietly said, "It's in the trash can.  Now hush about it."

Now hush about it?

I don't say that.  Nope, not at all.  ;-)

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