Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who does she belong to

I haven't mentioned it yet because I am trying to forget.

We have two new family members.

We have Lilly Lucy Lafone complete with a Dora twirly pink shell.

She is a night owl & likes to kick her rocks around (like most hermit crabs) but doesn't do anything crazy.

With a name like Lilly Lucy and a fancy shell, I bet you can't guess who she belongs to?!

And then we have Allie.

Allie is named after Ryan's first cousin who my children adore.

Allie is a bit different  (the hermit crab not the human.  The human Allie is super nice, pretty, & sweet)...

In other words, she is a nutjob (again, the hermit crab not the human).

I mean really!

Have you ever seen an Evel Knievel hermit crab?

I bet you can't guess who she belongs too?!

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