Monday, June 4, 2012

Kindergarten is almost over

Things are going down this week.

Big things.

Full moon is tonight for one.


Anyway, Caroline will graduate from Kindergarten Wednesday morning.



Last year this time, I was mentally preparing myself for Kindergarten.

I was "preparing" by just not thinking about it.

It was a super stressful time.

I will say, to those parents preparing for Kindergarten next year, they grow up so fast.

They walk into that big Kindergarten classroom on the first day as little babies.  They walk out and into the 1st grade as real, live elementary school students.

They know the drill.

"I've GOT THIS!" they will scream at you if you try to help them.

Go ahead and prepare yourself for tears.  You are going to cry.  That is totally normal.

They will cry too.  They will possibly make themselves vomit multiple times (like my child).  That is totally normal too (at my house anyway).

Just think, in a year you will be in my shoes.

I am already planning outings for the summer.

Oh, and I am silently wondering why in the world summer break is so long.

Keep me in your prayers.

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