Friday, June 29, 2012

June Favorite Things

Ashley is so awesome.  If she is not in your reader, go add her.   She does a monthly favorite things post.  She does it on the last day of every month.  So fun!  Join in if you would like!

I did this in May before I even knew Ashley did a Favorite Things post.

1.  This video and this song are my favorite right now.  I listen to it on repeat over and over as I write.

2.  I found the bomb dot com candy at the movies the other day.  Clearly my two favorite candies rolled into a little ball of yumminess.  So good!

3.  These pictures from the splash pad Monday make me smile.

 Bug posing...

 Big talking... imagine that

Being bashful

This picture makes me laugh.
Big is looking at her friend like, "Ummm, yeah.  You are totally drinking pee."

4.  This is HerStyler.  It smells awesome and makes my hair so super soft.  I love it!
HerStyler is $50 for a 2 oz bottle.  That price is little steep.  However, you can get it on Amazon for $7.  When I ordered mine it was only $4.  Their price has gone up a little but it is definitely not $50.  You are welcome!


Happy Friday!
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

"I want the whole damn world, to come and dance with me..."


Lindsay said...

I love those whoppers! I might have to get some at the movie today!

Ashley said...

So this hair stuff....does it go in when your hair is wet? I need some sort of product for right after my shower.

Ashley said...

Also, can we talk about how your girls look EXACTLY like you? Sooo cute!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Reeses whoopers? Oh heaven.

The girls have grown up so much! Wow!

And, what does this hair stuff do?