Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I made up a song for Caroline.

It goes a little something like.... "GO C-LINE, GO C-LINE, GO.  GO C-LINE, GO C-LINE, GO!"

As I was singing, I did my funky chicken/dougie dance.

I am a white girl with no rhythm.  My funky chicken dance and my dougie are one in the same.  Be jealous!

Anyway, it was the first time Caroline was embarrassed of me.

Ok.  I will rephrase that.

It was the first time Caroline was embarrassed of me and expressed her feelings.


I came back with an "I am going to totally do this at your Kindergarten graduation.  All of your friends will think you have the coolest mom EVAHHHHH!"


My comeback?  I did the song and dance over and over again.

She broke down and laughed.

I knew she would.

I have awesome moves that will make anyone smile.

"But seriously Mom.  You can't do that at graduation.  People will think you're...(pause)... weird."

"Weird?  Me?  Psh!"

Caroline just rolled her eyes and picked up her DS and began to play it.

As I walked out of her room, it hit me that this was the first time of many we will have these conversations.

I am weird.  All parents are.

ALL parents are freaks!

When I went back in her room to tuck her in bed, I leaned down and promised not to do the C-Line dance at her graduation.

She giggled and loved me goodnight.

Deep down, I know she thinks I'm pretty cool.

And I know she really would love for me to do my cool song and dance.  Just NOT in front of her friends.

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vickileigh said...

This made me lol, Cayden is not quite 2 yet and he will already say "mooooooooom" and push away if i try to kiss him in public... personally i can't wait to REALLY embarrass him when he's a teen!