Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Caroline is still semi-traumatized about me forgetting her.

I have been on time ever since.

I have learned though that instead of getting in the carpool line, it is much faster to just walk up to the front doors and pick her up.

To be the first car in carpool at our school, you have to get there around 1:30.

School doesn't get out until 2:50.

Waiting that long in a hot car is ridiculous!

Now, I leave my house at 2:30.

I park my car and walk to the front door.

It makes her so happy to actually see me as soon as her class walks to carpool.

Yesterday I was rushing (imagine that).

I had edited pictures and was getting them on CDs and printing copyright release forms.

I looked at the time and saw that it was 2:35.

I flew out the door.

There is NO way I can even be CLOSE to being late.

Caroline would be devastated.

I got there on time.

I hopped out of my car.  As I did, thank goodness I glanced down.

I had on a Dick's shirt.

I just threw a t-shirt on yesterday morning.

I honestly wasn't paying attention to what it said.

I had on this shirt to be exact.

DEA- Drink Every Afternoon

That is classy.

So classy.

Walking up to your 5 year old's elementary school with Dick's written on the front of your shirt and "Drink Every Afternoon" written on the back.

I wish I could make this stuff up.

Our life is super chaotic all.of.the.time.

When I realized I had on this particular shirt, I ran it back to my car.  I hopped in the back seat and turn the shirt inside out.

Crisis avoided.

I bet the parents waiting in the carpool lane would have gotten a good chuckle.

Thank goodness I noticed it, right?

FYI: I have buried that t-shirt deep within the depths of my closet.  It may never be found again.

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