Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Google Analytics is pure entertainment for me. My favorite part? Seeing what keywords have brought people to my blog from search engines.

A few of my favorites among many. Check it...

1. mike's farm mac and cheese recipe {If you don't know what Mike's Farm is, then you don't live here. That means you have never had Mike's Farm mac and cheese and I feel sorry for you.}

2. "how long i peed" {Because of THIS POST}

3. how long before you realized you were pregnant while on mirena {This one scared me to death. I have never even... where did that come from... let me go check my mirena strings. shew. all is well in mirena land.}

4. i am a mathmatician at blogspot {Really? I am? Good thing that you spelled "mathematician" correctly. Awesome!}

5. kourtney kardashian pull baby out of vagina {It is always nice to know that the word vagina brings people to your blog. Classy.}

6. "pageboy haircut as punishment" and "shiloh jolie pitt dressed like a boy" {These were separate but obviously go hand in hand. I am hoping that maybe Brad and Angie were the googlers. Maybe they will take my advice and help sweet Shiloh out. Poor little thing.}

Be jealous. What are some searches that bring people to your blog? Please share. Make me feel better about this situation.


Krystyn said...

Oh so jealous! I haven't seen any crazy things lately, but I might need to go look.

Me said...

how do u find out?