Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tick Off Tuesday.

Something that really ticks me off is when people make fun of my Southern accent. Number one... I can't help the way I talk. Number two... I'm not that country. I say ain't. I say y'all. I refer to my Dad as "Deady" which sometimes comes out "Diddy". I am not ashamed. I don't try to cover my accent.

I also hate it when people assume that you are ignorant if you have a Southern accent. This is not true. My kid might say "frawg" instead of frog and "aint" instead of ant but we are not stupid people. We might talk slow but we know what we are saying {well, most of us do anyway}.

So, the next time you imitate a person's accent and throw off on them, know who you are talking too because I might get my "Diddy to open his cain of whoop ace on y'all!" ;) FYI: I don't really talk like what is in quotations but some Southerns do.

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Meredith said...

I completley agree with you. I hate when ignorant people think that we are stupid just by the way we talk.