Thursday, March 4, 2010

These are those moments. . .

Dear sweet Caroline,

Where has time gone?

You are growing way too fast and I'm scared about what's to come.

Right now, you are in the sassy mouth stage.

It sucks.

You talk nonstop and most of the time you are saying something ugly.

You have told me on more than one occasion that you don't love me anymore. Those are fun times. Times that will shine in my mind with a big banner flying over top saying, "MOTHER OF THE FREAKING YEAR".

It's ok. I know you don't mean it. I know that you still love me. I know that you still need me. Not to mention I feel a little bit better about the whole situation since I pop the hell out of your cute little butt every time you say it {since my crying doesn't work}.

Sassy mouth is no fun. Today we had this conversation...

"Caroline, do NOT step on the crayons. Pick them up!"

"NO!" you screamed.

"Caroline, if you can step on the crayons... you can pick them up. Now pick them UP!"


"Caroline, you ARE going to pick up these crayons."

"No I'm not," you said.

"Well, I'll show you!"

"Well, I'll show you!" you said.

Let's just say, you picked the crayons up off of the floor and you and your red butt had a little timeout session to think things through.

These are those parenting moments that I pray I handle with dignity and grace.

These are those moments that are challenging to no end.

These are those moments I don't know if I can live through again. Maybe Emma will skip this stage and never have a sassy mouth. One can dream, yes?

These are those moments that I have to stand firm in my beliefs.

These are those moments when I have to take a deep breath before I'm able to speak.

These are those moments that my knees ache because of the time I have spent praying to God to get me through it.

These are those moments when I realize, it isn't getting any easier.

And then I realize, does it ever get easier?

Oh, my sweet Caroline.

Please outgrow this stage. But Caroline, please don't grow too fast.

Love always and forever,
Mom {that's what you call me now. Not Mama. Not Mommy. Just Mom.}


Anonymous said...

Its hard for me to imagine that sweet little angel having a sassy mouth but I believe you. I'm hoping Stokes will skip some of Tanner's awful stages too. Lets dream together!

Diana said...

I will dream with both of you....that Brody will skip that stage too! Although the other day at my mom's house, and in front of my mom, dad, and Chris, Brody looked at me and POINTED and said "No, no, no"! I was so caught off guard! It looks as if mine to will be a dream!

Emily said...

gosh! where has time gone! Caroline is just oh soo cute and oh soo sassy! So looking forward to this stage:) ahahha

Krystyn said...

The sassiness....I am sooo over it. And, the back talking, too!

Glad to know that I'm not alone, though...which means you aren't either.

I sure hope Emma and Nat don't pick up that fabulous trait!