Sunday, March 28, 2010


********** Edited to add Carrie's question and answer.***********

I only had two people ask questions but they were good ones so here are my answers.

Krystyn asked... Where would you visit if you could go anywhere in the world...sans the kiddos?
My dream is to prance through the rain kissed streets of Paris when it is cold out. I want to wear a poofy skirt and a beautiful princess coat that falls perfectly over my skirt. I want to sit at a table on the street, eat scones, with an English bulldog and smoke a cigarette.
Yes, my dream is weird but that is what French people do. I will look fabulous while doing it. Think... Carrie Bradshaw... season six... second to last episode of the series. That will be me.

Jamie asked... if you would have had a boy what would his name have been? (Or you can keep it a secret if you don't want me to steal it or if you plan on having more kids hahaha)
Jamie, no babies in our future so I am glad to share my boy names.
With Emma, boy names came so much easier than girl names so we had a boy name planned. Emma would have been Brody Alexander. Brody has become such a popular name but we both loved it and Alexander is such a strong name. It would have given the boy an option of later changing his name to Alexander or Alex if he didn't want to be called Brody.
I also have a list of boy names that Ryan wasn't crazy about. I love them all though. Bodhi, Levi, Eli, Cooper and Finn are my top five.
As for another girl name, I would go for something different. Really different. I love the name Marlo. However, my all time favorite girl name is Ever. I know it is weird but that's what I love about it. Ryan HATED it. I mean HATED it. He said it was the stupidest name he had ever heard. That, my friends, is why the mother signs the birth certificate... not the father.
My children just better be glad their names aren't Evian Bouvier because that was my plan growing up. ;-)
In short, use those names up. My plan is to just name my dog one of these names one day. I feel they are better suited for a human though. Ha!

Jamie asked... If you had to choose one place to eat every Friday night ($ not a question) where would it be?
Oh goodness. Because of my love of food, this is a hard question. You know me all too well.
I really love Southern Exposure in Faison, NC. The Grilled Pork Chop served with a “mac & cheese” noodle cake,
collards & BBQ drizzle is like Heaven on a plate. Seriously. I guess this would be my top pick.
I also enjoy Chef & the Farmer in Kinston. The Slow Roasted Berkshire Pork Shoulder, sweet & sour collards & apples and smoked corn hushpuppy is simply AMAZING. We just eat and drink ourselves silly in this place so we don't eat there too often. A big plus to the Chef & the Farmer is the fact that she changes her menu frequently so you always have new, wonderful options to choose from.
During the summer months we love to eat at Amos Mosquito's in Atlantic Beach, NC. They have an awesome cajun remoulade that they serve with their fried dill pickles. We also always enjoy any of their fresh catch and their shrimp and grits.
We recently had dinner at Mickey and Mooch of Lake Norman in Huntersville, NC. It was delicious and they have the best collards known to man.
Of all of the restaurants we have ever been too these are my favorite "upscale" places. Meaning we spend way too much money on our dinner.
Right now, on my list of places I must go to eat is On the Square in Tarboro, NC. If any of you have ever been, let me know what you thought of it.

Carrie asked... What all would you like to accomplish by the time you reach 30?
This is a hard question. In the next 5 years, I hope to accomplish many things. I have a list of things I want to to before 30 and I haven't accomplished many.

1. Have a good job that I love.
2. Be a homeowner.
3. Cut my hair super short and dye it blonde.
4. Mow the grass.
5. Dance with my husband in the rain.
6. Plant a garden.
7. Stop biting my fingernails.
8. Learn how to control my temper.
9. Truly know how to not take life for granted.
10. I want to figure out how to make my marriage grow. I think every marriage has issues and lack of communication is a HUGE issue in my marriage. I would love to figure out how to fix that in the next 5 years. It would definitely make my life a lot easier. :-)

The list could go on and on. All in all, I just want to be happy. It took me a while to understand and figure myself out. To be honest, it has just happened in the past few years and with the help of an awesome therapist and my family. I've learned that I can change myself but I can't change anyone else which was hard for me to except. Once I did though, I was a much better wife, daughter, mother, and friend.


Anonymous said...

I love those names! I love original names you never hear of! Love Bodhi-- my sister just named her new dog that. Its so cute! Not so sure about Ever though, Hailey. Ha! You are too funny!

Can I add a question? What all would you like to accomplish by the time you reach 30?

Jamie said...

If we had a boy we were leaning towards Brody too but now there are so many Brody's but I do love that name. I love Everly for a little girl! I think that is darling! I was interested in your top eating places b/c I know we both appreciate fine dining. I have ate at Chef and Amos (I love them both) I will definitely have to try the others! What a great before 30 list! I would probably have a million things on mine and the I would get stressed thinking about doing all of it hahahha! My list for the month is long enough ha!

Diana said...

Well, I have to say I am partial to the name Brody, ha! It was not my first pick, or my pick at all. Chris picked out that name. I have a few others I love, and depending on my next child, I will get to use one of them. There's a little boy at my church named Bodie (is that how you would pronouce Bodhi?)

Krystyn said...

A dog and a cig? You crack me up, Hailey.

I think I might be with Ryan on "Ever." You know...since you asked.