Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Randoms.

- I am running on empty. Emma is sick. Ear infection... 4 teeth coming in... crackle in her left lung. A round of antibiotics is on the way home from the pharmacy as we speak. Please God let the next 48 hours go smoothly. I need sleep.

- I realized I truly wasn't 100% sure what a bakers dozen. I said 12. I was wrong. I knew there was more to the word "bakers". Damnit. Raise your hand if you truly know {without googling} what a bakers dozen is.

- Took pictures Friday night. Sneak peek...

Little Miss Khloe {middle name Dare... isn't that too cute} was adorable. However, her cute little 5 week old body did not... I repeat DID NOT... make my uterus ache for another baby. Women say that this happens to them. It doesn't happen to me thank you very much.

Khloe's mom is a freaking rockstar. She has four children, works full time, and is the most laid back, sweetest person you will ever meet. Her house is super organized too. I like to call her... "Supermom".

- I now allow Buggy to use markers. Glutton for punishment much? She mostly just eats them. Did you know that if you mix all of the marker colors together, it makes black? It does. Emma's mouth is proof.

- It took me all day to write this post.

- I am exhausted now. Spaghetti is on the stove cooking possibly burning. My children are at the kitchen table playing eating play-doh. I'm ok with it. I don't have the energy to fight.

- I did not participate in Krystyn's cute Mommy & Me Monday.. I encourage you to participate. You are on top of things like that. I, however, am not. Sick child= crazy mom.

- Be prepared for Tick Off Tuesday tomorrow. I have to go choose one thing that has ticked me off. Oh, the choices.


Krystyn said...

I know what a baker's dozen is, but truly...I don't get it. Can they not count?

What a sweet, sweet baby.

I hope Emma gets to feeling better, black mouth and all.

I'm a little scared to come back for Ticked Off Tuesday, but I'm a glutton for punishment.

Wendi said...

*Raising hand*
I know what it is!!!
I also know what it is to have a sick baby, and that is no fun.
Hope she is feeling better soon and you get some much needed rest.
Maybe we should get a room and share a nap together.

Jamie said...

Don't know why it is.

I am so tired too. I don't even have enough energy to blog or think of something to blog.

I hope bug gets well soon!!

Ashley said...

=) i know what it is! hope bug is better soon!