Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Randoms.

- I did not do an overview of the Oscars. No dress was awesome enough to talk about. All in all it was a huge disappointment.

- We went out of town this past weekend. Just for the night. No children. We went to a surprise birthday party for my SIL, Ashlyn. I came home with one of these cutecute hats for Emma. Buggy's flower is blue though. I can't wait for summer to get here.

- Speaking of summer, we have had awesome weather in NC the past few days. We have done picnics in the backyard and lots of outside time.

- Caroline's sassy mouth hasn't gone anywhere. She tells people, "I'm going to kick you in the face... so hard." I don't know where she learned that. Honestly. Now, when she calls people "shithead" she may have heard me say that at least once in her little life.

- Emma is doing the funny fish face again. Now, she will say something and stick those lips out. It is so weird but so cute.

- I am going to my first Tupperware party Friday night. I hate shit like that. I hate any type of party where I feel like I have to buy stuff. Thank God I'm poor so I can just tell people, "I'm poor. I can't buy tonight. Pass the wine please." I'm going for a friend because I love her and she would come for me. However, I would NEVER have a party like this.

- I looked for my sunglasses for a good 10 minutes today. They were around my neck. Sometimes I wonder if my brain is still intact.

- Emma has learned NO. She says NO to everything. It is not fun and I don't like it. It was cute at first, now it is just getting old.

- I'm getting a pedicure with my sister this morning. I am so excited to spend time with my sis. She is on spring break so she came home for a day.

- My birthday is coming up {MARCH 26th}. Write it down. Remember it! It is a big year for me. I will be 25. Anyway, what do I want for my birthday? I only have 3 things in mind and those three things would be my whole birthday. Should I do 3 big gifts OR one big gift with lots of small gifts? Decisions.

- I am going to cut myself off from food today... well, maybe tomorrow. I am huge feeling. I have eaten like an animal this winter. Summer is coming up and I don't want to feel like a whale on the beach. Therefore, I am going to quit eating. Yayyy me! From tomorrow on out it is water, yogurt, and occasional granola. {We are granola freaks around here}. I will eat a healthy supper at night. My big thing is going to be cutting my soft drinks. I kid you not, I can drink a two liter Pepsi in a 24 hour period of time. I have a problem. I am thirsty all of the time. I am also going to be a super bitch with no caffeine. My head hurts just freaking thinking about it. Damnit.


Diana said...

I think you are probably the funniest person..........EVER!

pixie said...

You and Pepsi is the same way with me and Diet Coke. I had to cut it out because I am pregnant, and I can't think of anything I miss more than my DIET COKE!!

Jamie said...

You are freakin hilarious!!

Krystyn said...

Seriously, you will be 25? are sooo old! Turd! You are a baby!

I've lost my glasses on my head before. That's good, right?

Nat does "no" too, but it usually involves a swinging, hitting arm, too.

Anonymous said...

Love it, Hailey!! Love it!