Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So far. . .

... it has not been a good day.

- Emma threw Mt. Dew all over me while trying to catch up on e-mails. Yes, I give my children Mt. Dew. Do not judge. Could you live without Mt. Dew? I didn't think so.

- I never took my Mommy & Me Monday picture. No biggie. I will get to it. It just will not be posted on a Monday.

- My head hurts.

- Caroline just spilt something in the den and yelled, "SHIT!" I did not reprimand her. I am going to hell.

- I have washed three loads of clothes today. I will have to wash three more before the day is over I am sure.

- Emma had one nap this morning.

- Caroline has had no nap.

- Caroline "not on purpose" pushed Emma down... against the TV table thing. Goose egg appeared. On top of her head. Scares me to death every time it happens. I don't think I'll ever get use to it.

- Caroline "not on purpose" jumped off of the couch onto Emma.

- I sneezed and had a terrible pain. Thought I was having a heart attack. It was that bad. Still hurts. I've been feeling my heart every so often to make sure it is beating properly. I'm pretty sure it is just a pulled muscle or something. I will not google my symptoms because I will only find out that I am DYING or I have cancer and I'm DYING. No googling for me... maybe.

- Children are now sleeping. {8:45pm}

- Blogs, wine, and cake await.

Thanks for letting me complain. Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Love it. I love Caroline's "not on purpose" -- I need to meet this chick. I think we'd get along great!

Jamie said...

Sounds like one of my days. Times two!!

Krystyn said...

Hopefully, it all disappeared after blogs, wine and cake.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an average day for me, (but I don't drink wine unless it is a frozen wine cooler...while lounging in the bathtub with lots of bubbles.)
Lindsey Petersen