Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Randoms

- I don't watch the news. Sad but true. I don't know much about politics. I know enough to get me by. When it comes to filibusters and other political jargon, I begin to snore.

Anyway, I am just now hearing about Joe Biden saying the F-word. And my Nana told me. That was some conversation. She is the conservative queen of the world. She was not happy about it. I will admit, I love to drop an f-bomb. I do. However, I'm not the Vice President of the United States standing in front of millions of people. If he wants to say it, let him say it but just not in the setting he was in. Wow. Let's keep the f-bomb in the privacy of our own homes. {And as I wrote this, a pastor came to my door and asked me if I was sure I was going to Heaven. "Yes, sir." He invited me to his church then I came back to sit down and write about the f-word.}

Here's the video.

I'm not getting political so don't jump down my throat if you don't agree. That's fine. Just keep it to yourself or use your own blog to talk about it. I'm not saying it was right or wrong.

- I lost my keys yesterday... again. I was in a panic at 11:40. I had to call my Nana to get her car so I could go pick Caroline up at 12. Story of my life. PS- Yes, I found them. They were in a box of diapers.

- Emma has become obsessed with dogs. "DAWG! MAMA! DAWG! DADDY! DAWG!" Little nugget loves a dog.

- Date night Saturday night! WOOO-HOOOOOO!

- Caroline can write her name. Suck it bitches. She did it. Now I can say she could write her name at the age of three. But guess what? I didn't push her. She just kind of learned. Pat me on the back and Bitter much?

- Reason 3,261,985 why I love this kid...

It is a terrible picture because I just said, "Stand there and smile" and then snapped away. Anyway, tell me you didn't laugh... just a little. I could hardly take the picture from laughing so hard.

- I caught Emma singing Taylor Swift the other day. Do you think there is a music career in her future? The next Britney, Taylor or Fergie Ferg? Be still my heart. Let's just skip the whole psycho-shave-your-head-stage in life.

- Last year at this time I was in Florida about to leave on a cruise to the Bahamas. Ahhh... it was the most amazing trip I have ever taken.

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