Monday, September 14, 2009

Tennis and soccer.

Caroline has a new favorite sport

In the past few days she has decided she would like to take up tennis as a hobby.

Why you ask? Because her dad likes watching women's tennis... especially Caroline Wozniacki.

He says... and I quote..."It is much more interesting than men's tennis. The men just hit it back and forth."

Ok. Just admit that you like watching in-shape girls bouncing around a tennis court in a short skirt. I'm totally ok with that. Don't lie though. Tennis is tennis. FYI: Men AND women hit it back and forth. Duh!

Anyway, back to Caroline. Lafone not Wozniacki.

I told her to come lay down in our bed in hopes that she would go to sleep quickly.

I turned the TV on and of course it was on ESPN {Why are men addicted to this station?}

Caroline Wozniacki was playing some Kim girl.

Caroline {Lafone} was so excited.

"That Caroline. Like me. Caroline." she says as she pats her chest in a very proud way.

"Which one is she?" I asked.

Caroline gets up out of the bed so that she can touch the TV to point to her. "Right there, Mom. That Caroline like me." She totally rolled her eyes while saying this as if I was crazy for not knowing who Caroline was.

"Well who is the other girl?" I asked.

"I don't know," she replied.

"Her name is Kim." No, I didn't really know it. I had heard the announcer say her name.

"Like Papa. Ken, like Papa."

"No Caroline, not like Papa. Papa's name is KeNNNNN not KiMMMMMM."

"Uh-huh. But that Caroline like me!"

Her dad has totally brain-washed her.

That's ok. When does soccer season start? We will be watching every game David Beckham plays. You know, because men's soccer is much more interesting than women's because the women just kick the ball around.


The Nicholsons said...

Haha... you make a VERY valid point here. What I would give to see that man simply take his shirt off.. Whew! He's one fine thing!

Wendi said...


The only thing the mens team could improve on is maybe let Beckham play in his underwear.
The ratings would surely go up.
As well as some heart rates.

Love that Caroline.

Jamie said...

That is one fine fine man! I would melt if I saw him in real life!! Isn't it funny how men can talk about women but they get SO jealous if we take one look at a cutie! Hahah that always cracks me up!

Krystyn said...

You are cracking me up...and yes, Men's soccer is so much more interesting then women's!