Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday scavenger hunt.

I wanted to do something special for Ryan's birthday... other than eating at East Coast Wings.

I hate just handing him his gifts.

This year I decided to do a scavenger hunt. Caroline and Emma helped of course.

I thought I was rather creative so I wanted to share.

Everything happened so fast that I forgot to take pictures.

When he got home, there was a note on the door that read:
"Happy Birthday Daddy!
We hope your day has been GREAT!
For your next clue,
Go to the GATE!"

This of course sent him to the baby gate that blocks off our kitchen.

There he found two cards (one from me and one from the girls) and his next clue.

It read:
"Here's a birthday card just for you!
Now go to Caroline's room,
to find her present she picked for you!"

Caroline hid her own present under her bed. It was a pair of Polo seersucker pants. They are super cute and Ryan has been wanting a pair. They were $98 pants. Good thing they were on sale for only $23. SCORE! You can't beat that!

When Ryan found Caroline's present, he found his next clue on top of the wrapped box...
"You found Caroline's present,
Now find Emma's too.
She hid it in your room,
On the pillow just for you!"

This sent him to our room, where Caroline had placed his next present behind his pillow. It was a super cute Columbia fishing t-shirt.

On the present was his next clue.
"You found Emma's present.
Now you have one more.
Go back downstairs
and look behind the shoe closet door."

He came downstairs to find a long sleeved green and white striped Polo oxford shirt from my parents and sister.
The note on it read:
"This one is from KK, Jay and Anna too!
They say Happy Birthday to you!"

It was so fun. I think we have started a tradition!


Jamie said...

Wow that is a great idea!! I am going to steal that one!

Krystyn said...

I love the idea. Maybe I should send this to my hubby since he likes to just hand me gifts.