Monday, September 28, 2009

Anna conversations.

{Anna sitting in the stroller... texting.}

This conversation happened 20 minutes into our trip....

“Anna, stop texting! We are on family vacay. There can be no texting.”

“I'm over family vacay. I want a funnel cake," she demanded in her deep, monotone voice.

Right before this picture was taken, Anna announced we had to leave. When asked why, we discovered that her Blackberry had died and she was ready to go. She had lost all communication to the outside world and was in distress.

We also waited at The Cheese Shop for 32 minutes for Anna to get a sandwich. What kind of sandwich, you ask? A peanut butter sandwich. I kid you not. 32 minutes. That's how long my Dad stood in line. However, we all benefited because we all shared a bag of bread ends and house dressing. YUM-O!!! If you ever go to Williamsburg, you MUST eat here. We also stopped by the Wythe Candy Store while we waited for Dad in The Cheese Shop. We got a gingerbread man and chocolate covered strawberries that were to die for! I had to fight Emma and Caroline to get one. So, I guess the 32 minute wait was worth it.

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Jamie said...

yummmmmmmy i Love chocolate covered strawberries! I am jealous!