Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I smell 30.

Today, you are 26.


Almost 30.

The big 3-0. {smile}

This has been a super stressful year. It all started with me hitting a stop sign after last years birthday dinner. Followed by Emma being born at 32 weeks and me being super sick. It has ended with us being in one of the happiest places we have been in a long time.

Each day with you brings new adventures. Caroline loves you better than Peter loved the Lord and Emma gets the shakes when she sees you. You are adored. When we met 9 years ago, who would have thought this is where we would be today. You are one lucky guy and I am one lucky girl.

Thanks for being my best friend and the father to my children. I love you more than anything {even if you did admit that you used to own a calligraphy set}.

We love you more than anything {nothing compares to you},

Hailey, Biggie, and Buggy

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Megan said...

So sweet. I laughed out loud at the "like Peter loved the Lord" phrase.