Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesaday... with words. The family dogs.

Meet Dallas.

Full name: Dallas Fenway Blaze King

Owner: Carey

Race: Black Lab

Gender: Male

Extra info: has habit of eating bumpers off of Mazda CX-7s, lover of a black dog named "Blackie"... he is male too. no judgement, I'm just sayin'.

Meet Jackson

Full name: Jackson (I don't know his middle name) Foss

Owner: Brandon

Race: Yellow Lab

Gender: Male

Extra info: Eater of mud and metal bolts, known to break through underground fence. He is a roamer and has been allegedly known to knock up a few fellow dog friends. His BFF is a brown dog named "Brownie". {What can I say? We have unique names for our stray animals.}

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