Thursday, September 24, 2009

I need YOUR help!

Hey! I need a favor...

I got an e-mail with morning from Kelly. She entered Gavin in the Gap casting call. I voted... for ALL of his pictures because he is the cutest turkey nugget I've ever seen. Seriously. CLICK HERE to see Gavin's pictures and VOTE FOR HIM!

Soooo, I decided to enter Caroline and Emma. With my luck, you never know what could happen. Why not give it a shot, right?

Here is the link.

Once you get to the entry page, you will see VOTE beside the picture you want to vote for. This will take you to a new screen that asks you to sign-in or register. All of you will have to register this time. {Once you register, you will just sign in any time you vote after that.} Click register now and fill out the form. Once you have submitted your form it will probably take you to a place to enter your child. You can do that if you want, if not just copy and paste:
this URL to vote for Caroline and Emma
this URL to vote for Gavin:

NOTE: You can vote once a day!!!!!

Thanks y'all!

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