Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are you ready for this?

Alright mamas. Hold on to your panties, diapers, and nursing bras.

Kate, The Shopping Mama, has just told me about something SPECTACULAR.

The Origami Stroller.

What, you ask?

The Origami Stroller by 4Moms.

The world's first ever power folding stroller.

I poop you not, people.

A power folding stroller!

This, my friends, is what I am now calling the Lamborghini/Maserati/Ferrari of strollers.

You think that's awesome?

Listen to this...

"The Origami has a built-in generator so the system recharges itself while you walk. Sure you can plug it into the wall or even fold it manually if you need to, but walking just 300 feet is all it takes to keep the battery fully charged. It's hard to be greener than that."

Oh WAIT! There is more...

Let's talk about safety.
"Sure the Origami meets or exceeds every applicable standard for stroller safety. But that is not enough. We worked with leading juvenile safety consultants during all phases of the Origami’s design and we implemented every one of their recommendations. Every single one. For example, there are built-in sensors so the stroller won't fold if a child is in the seat. We designed the Origami knowing it would be used by our children, our friends' children, and your child. Nothing is more important to us than their safety. Nothing."

The stroller comes complete with an LCD screen...
"The LCD interface makes the Origami so easy to use our grandmother can do it (no offense Grandma). Plus the Origami knows things. All you have to do is look at the display to confirm it knows a child is in the seat, or how charged the battery is, or how far you’ve walked. Easy, convenient, and very cool."

You want accessories for your Lamborghini/Maserati/Ferrari. Here you go...
"With accessories the Origami goes to 11. Add powered speakers and connect your MP3 player. Get an adapter cable and the Origami will charge your cell phone while you walk. Adapter bars are compatible with infant car seats. The bassinet keeps your little one comfy and looks great."

OH there is MORE...
"How about daytime running lights, luggage style pull wheels, and four built-in cup holders?"

HELLO! My car doesn't even have daytime running lights.

I'm totally on board for this stroller.

I would give my right arm for this stroller.

Actually, you know what? I'm totally selling my husband for this stroller. Do I have any takers? I'm only asking about $650 plus shipping. Thanks.

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Jamie said...

Wow that is so crazy! It makes me wonder what our daughters will be using when they have babies!!