Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A day at the farm.

The sign read: Gideon Mini-Horse Might BITE!!

Keep in mind that bite was underlined twice.

All went well with Gideon.

No one was attacked by the biting mini-horse... thank goodness.

However, when we got home I downloaded pictures from our camera.

Ryan (with his amazing photography skills) was photographer for the day.

As I browsed through the pictures, I came across a series of pictures. There are three pictures of Caroline and Nicole (our niece) with the biting mini-horse.

If I hadn't been there and known that Gideon actually did not attack my child... the pictures would make one believe that it was possible.

Here is the proof.

Gideon- Eyeing the subject of attack.

Gideon- Sniffing Caroline right arm.

Gideon- Attacking from the back. Caroline is slowly climbing up her cousin's back.

I have decided that I want a biting mini-horse.

How fun would that be?


Kari said...

HA! That is funny. I want a horse that MIGHT BITE, too! That is one way to get the girls to behave..threaten violence from a horse!

Krystyn said...

That is too funny!

Hmm...a biting horse...of course, then you would hear all day "mommy, Gideon bit me!"

Haley Nicodemus said...

Oh my gosh I just laughed out loud!

"Gideon - attacking from the back..." So funny!

And how funny that he's taking pictures of them with the horse, but they are standing IN FRONT of the horse.

Love it! If you did get a biting mini-horse, that might be grounds for me making a trip to NC!