Thursday, April 30, 2009

Naptime sucks.

Trying to get Caroline down for a nap is a nightmare.


I would rather pull my hair out, have a root canal, eat raw chicken, or cut my arm off.

It is that terrible.

She kicks.

She screams.

She pulls my hair.

She hits.

She eventually gives up.

She gives in to sleep.

She's pissed about it though. She can't even rest well because she is so pissed that she is asleep.

BUT, thank goodness (for me) she is asleep. Peace at last.

Yesterday (in the middle of her screaming spell while trying to go down for a nap) she all of a sudden stopped screaming.

I thought it was a miracle. I started thanking God.

"Thank you God for being on my side today. It..."

She looked at me with a very serious face and eyes. She said, "Mannnnnnnnn! My cell phone ringing."

"Ok back up homegirl. You are two. You don't have a cell phone so... you don't hear one ringing."

"Uh-huh! Me do have cell phone. Hear it? Shh! Hear it?"

"No. I don't hear it. Lay down!"

"It's ringing! Me need to talk!" She screamed this. Do this one in your best two year old screaming voice.

Well, let's just say she went all Linda Blair/Exorcist on me.

The next 15 minutes were so much fun that afterwards I decided to rip my eyeballs out.


Amy said...

have you tried letting her lay down like in your room with the tv on for a nap? i know that tvs usually make it worse and tv is bad and all that jazz but for us (and esp for collin) the tv gives him a reason to slow down long enough to realize hes tired. of course, i do not have a tv in my kids room, nor do i let them watch spongebob every night at bedtime (oh wait, its not monday, LOL) good luck!

Krystyn said...

I'm screaming for you! Ahhh...

When Izzy really does this, she just gets locked in her room and she can do whatever she wants!

Emily said...

oh fun:) cant wait for this kind of stuff with my cate:)