Friday, April 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday Finds

We are at the beach so I haven't had time to compile a list of fabulous things. However, I want to share with you just one fabulous find.

We went to TJ Maxx down here and look what I found?

A $150 Pro-Select straightener for only $30! I was more than excited. I have been using a cheap straightener for years. Check your local TJ Maxx for more great deals.


Kari said...

Oh how I love TJ MAXX!!

Krystyn said...

Wow! That's awesome!

I'm never patient enough for good finds at TJ Maxx.

{My Flip Flopz} said...

SOOO many of you bloggers find the BEST deals at TJM! I need to go shopping with y'all :)

Jamie said...

Wow what a great find! Does it work well?