Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea parties.

"Hey look! The Tea Party!"




There was a miniature party inside the white Expedition EL.

After passing the tea party...

Nana: "That was fun!"

Lesley: "WOOO WOOO WOOO" (add arm movements with that)

Nana: "Karen (my mom) wouldn't roll down the window to let me scream."

Karen (my mom): "I was too busy giving the peace sign."

Lesley: "WOOO WOOO WOOO!" (add arm movements with that)

Nana: "I wanted to yell."

(All of this is going on at the same time)

Hailey: "Nana, did you want to flash them? I bet you wanted to be a tree hugging, bra burning hippie didn't you? Didn't you, Nana?!"

Karen: "She and a friend burned their bras in the backyard one day... while Grandaddy was sleeping."

There was a ROAR of laughter.

My Nana is the most conservative lady you will ever meet. Knowing that she secretly burned her bra is hilarious!


Krystyn said...

That is hilarious!

I love that you "participated" in the tea party!

Kari said...

No way!!!?! I could NEVER imagine your Nana doing that! Hilarious!

Emily said...

ha! This makes me laugh!!
Reminds me of our spring break trip and we ask my mema if she wanted a sex on the beach drink and she said no thanks.. never had sex on the beach but have in the pool before..ahhhhhhhhh!