Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fabulous Friday Finds (2 days late)

1. Art by Windy Lampson

I have been wanting to share this for a while. Meet Windy Lampson. Her dad is my doctor. I love him. Anyway, she is so talented that it is ridiculous. Here is one of her paintings. It amazes me that most of her paintings look like photographs. Amazing. Be sure to check out the link to her other work.

2. Decor Craft Inc. Chick Hangers

How cool are these hangers? I don't think I would hang clothes on them. I would use them as wall art. So cute!

3. Wooly Girls Booties

Emma got these booties for Christmas from Ryan's aunt, Kristina. I love them. They come from North Dakota. Wooly Girls’ use wool to handcraft each piece. These are Emma's booties. I love the pink and purple together. So cute!

4. Jeweled Ballet Flats from Gap

I was bummed out when I went to check on these shoes and they were sold out in Caroline's size. Part of me still wants to order them so that Emma can wear them. Maybe one day I will have a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats to match. (Don't they kind of remind you of Tory Burch flats?)

5. Bummas

These are the coolest. They have SO many uses. They were made to dry your baby's bum after you use a wipe. Being a mom, you know that when you wipe your babies butt with a wipe... their little butt stays wet for a few minutes. Anyway, you take a little bumma and wipe your babies bum dry. They can always be used as burp cloths, wash cloths, wipes, etc. I plan on investing in a few packs.

6. Orbit Infant System

I love this stroller. It is too cool. I first saw it when I met Jamie Pressly at a local pizza place in town. If you know me, you know that I love her. Needless to say, I almost died when I saw her. Being that she is from here makes it all the more cool. Anyway, she had Dezi with her and she had this stroller. (PS- This was before pictures of him were even released! HELLO! I saw him first! Ha!) It was the coolest stroller I had ever seen. It is the first ever rotating stroller and it grows with your child (with more money added of course). So if I were Jamie Pressly and had $900 to drop on a stroller, this would be the one.

PS- Jamie is in town this weekend for her nephews birthday! My sister Anna saw her and didn't even take a picture.

7. Spa Baby Tub

This is European style baby tub. At first I thought it looked like a 5 gallon bucket. The more I read about it the more I want to try one. Go check out there website. It is full of information.

8. My Little Roo Slipcovers

If you are anything like me, your Baby Bjorn stays stained with spitup. Black is just not a good color for a baby carrier (mental note to self). This is where Little Roo comes in. They make slipcovers for your baby carriers. How cool?! The designs are GREAT! I absolutely love them. I had my eye on the Black and White Diamond that is now backordered. Now, I am eyeing Carnival. Mother's Day is right around the corner, wonderful husband of mine. Mama needs a new slipcover for her carrier.

9. Carseat Poncho

This little cover makes putting your kids in the carseat on those cold days so much easier. Jackets make it so difficult to strap Caroline in her carseat. This would help so much and still serve for warmth too.

10. Peace Earrings

I love peace signs. Not like hippie/flower child/tree hugger peace sign lover but more vintage/hip/accessory peace sign lover. Anna, my sister, has these earrings. They had them on the cruise ship for half-off. I had to buy them because I have wanted Anna's for so long. They are super cute and I love them. If you are looking to add a little peace to your wardrobe, Lucky has lots of peace sign accessories. They are all great!


Kari said...

Back in the day, I was at Ham's and Jamie Pressley was there. I did NOT like her then, she was not very nice. But, I have warmed up to her since. Anywho. That is awesome that you ran into her at "I know where" haha. That stroller is pretty awesome, and I LOVE hangers and shoes! Adorable.

Krystyn said...

You found some good stuff!

$900 for a!