Friday, April 10, 2009

Fabulous Friday Finds

My first two finds are my family. I thought I would give my aunt and my sister-in-law a shout out. They don't know I am doing it so I hope they don't mind! Ha!

1. The Cookie Boutique

This is the shop that my aunt, Janell, opened. She makes cookie bouquets, cookie favors, apples, pretzels, and even has Animaland and Mini-Melts.

If you are in the area, stop buy for some cookies and ice cream. Be sure to tell her that Hailey sent you!

PS- The cookies are delicious!!

2. Cole Baby Tutus

My sister-in-law, Ashlyn, makes these adorable tutus! She has tons of color options and accessories to pick from to make the tutu you have been wanting for your little one.

Here is my favorite picture of Caroline in a Cole Baby tutu.

Here is the tutu in color. It was so pretty. I used the black and white picture with Caroline first birthday invitations.

Be sure to go to check out Cole Baby Tutus!

3. Ballmania Lip Balm

I am addicted to lip balm/lip gloss/ chapstick/etc. When I saw this, I was immediately excited.

How cute are they? Go to the website to see all the different designs.

4. Juice Box Buddies

This is the best $2.00 that I've spent in a long time. Caroline was ALWAYS holding her juice box too tight. I was at the grocery store a few months ago and saw this jewel. We've had few spills since. LOVE IT!

5. Melissa and Doug Birthday Party

Ryan's parents got this for Caroline for her second birthday. She will spend hours playing with this. It is one of my her favorite toys.

6. Polo shoes

You all know my love for shoes. When I saw these, I immediately wanted them for Em. They also have the same pair (but bigger of course) for Caroline. So cute!

7. Her First High Heels by Heelarious

Again, you know my love for shoes. The name is cute. The idea is cute. The shoes... um... not so cute but I still love them!

8. Me In Mind Black And Pink Skull Shoes

I bought these shoes for Caroline's first Christmas. I ordered a green heart and crossbones onesies to go with it. They were absolutely adorable together! Skulls are not my favorite but all the celebs kids wear them so we jumped on that boat with them. Ha!

9. Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy Doll Set and Big Fancy Nancy

This is another of Caroline's favorite toys. I love it because the box serves as a stage or just storage. Again, she will play with Nancy for a long time. Gotta love that!

This is a big Madame Alexander. She is so pretty. When I saw her, I had to buy her. (Well, really... my Mom bought her and gave her to Caroline for her birthday last year.) Caroline doesn't play with her much. Nancy mostly sits on Caroline's made up bed.

10. BuckleyBoo

This is one of the new "must have" toys.

It serves 3 purposes.

Stage 1: Matching- Children first learn to visually scan and match the brightly patterned ribbons- polka dot to polka dot, stripe to stripe.

Stage 2: Buckling

Stage 3: Unbuckling

Very neat!


Krystyn said...

Those are some good finds!

You've got some talented family members.

Emily said...

i have to get one of those tutus......soo cute and I love all the childrens recommendations!! love the lip balm.. i have some it:)

Together We Save said...

I love chapstick, lipgloss too. These are awesome.