Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tick-off Tuesday.

Thanks to Carrie, I now have one day a week that I don't feel bad for bitching. It is awesome and I love it. Thanks, Carrie for this brain-child you call Tick-off Tuesday.

This week, I am going to rant about my husband. His name... Ryan. What ticks me off... lots of things.
I think it is best if I make a list.

1. He doesn't close drawers or cabinets. If he opens a drawer to get a shirt, he doesn't close the drawer. If he opens a cabinet to get a plate, he doesn't close the cabinet. Why? I don't know ask him.
Just close the cabinet. Just close the drawer. It is not that serious of a situation. It takes about .56 more seconds to just hit the cabinet so that it closes.

2. He knocks on the walls. I mean, he will randomly break out in a beat on the wall. WTH? The first time, we might break down and dance. By number 6 of the day, we are over it. It is totally annoying to us {meaning me and the children}.

3. Have I ever told you how much I hate to hear him brush his teeth? Oh my good gracious. It is awful. He has to get up super early for work. The sounds he makes use to wake me up from a dead sleep. God blessed my by teaching me to sleep through that ordeal. I should video him brushing his teeth so that you people get the full effect of how awful it is. I cringe when I hear it. It is equivalent to the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

So, that is it. That is my Tick-off Tuesday.

PS- I love you, Ryan.


Jamie said...

I can't imagine how someone brushing their teeth can sound so bad, but I'll take your word for it haha. And you probably couldn't live with me because for some odd reason I leave the drawers in my bathroom either open or half closed. I have no idea why, it drives Corey nuts! No where else in the house though!?!

Midwest Mommy said...

I use to run "totally ticks me off Tuesday" it was one of my favorite days, lol

Kelli-Sue said...

I think the drawer/cabinet thing is a man thing. My man is the SAME way it drives me bonkers!! The other day he called when he was 5 mins from home so I went and opened ALL of the cabinets and ALL of the drawers in our room & kitchen and he was like "are you cleaning?" I said "NO this is what it looks like when YOU leave a room" He said "No whatever" Ugh Men.

have a good day!

Chrissiebear said...

So funny, I was going to do a rant today too, but it is more of a Tick Off! Do you mind if I use this idea?

The Nicholsons said...

Love this! I also love the new blog look!