Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Extra pictures AND a coupon.

Here are a few extra pictures from our park outing yesterday. We had to go to two different parks. The first park we went to didn't have baby swings. We drove across town to the Nature Center for playground number two. We all had a great time.


On a side note, if you look in the left hand column you will see the button for Cole Baby Tutus. I have moved it up AND added an awesome coupon for you. Just use tutu20 to receive 20% your next Cole Baby Tutu purchase.

You're welcome!


Anonymous said...

Yay!! Thank you! I actually have to buy another. I bought one from there for a baby shower this past month and it was a huge hit. She does awesome work!
Love the pictures... what's up with the permanent tear? Is that from her clogged tear duct? Stokes' same eye has a clogged duct. Are you going to get it probed?

Kari said...

Very cute pictures!!