Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's play a little game...

Below is a list of facts about me. All of them are true except one. Can you choose which one?

1. I don't have enough teeth. I am missing my 12 year molars/second molars and my wisdom teeth {not that that is a bad thing.} Therefore, I only have 24 teeth where normal people have 32 {with their wisdom teeth}.

2. I am left handed.

3. I knocked my two front teeth out when I was four.

4. I was born in Wilson, NC.

5. I have never broken a bone before.

6. I met Jaime Pressly at a local restaurant. I went a little overboard and listened to her conversation and laughed as if I was in the conversation too. I wonder if it scared her? {I LOVE Jaime.}

7. Chicken makes me gag.

8. I only have one sister, Anna. She is my BFF.

9. I bite my fingernails.

10. I am now writing a blog for a local newspaper.

11. I had braces in high school.

12. I drive a jeep.

13. I wear my Uggs most of the time.

14. I am a SAHM.

15. We went to a little antique shop recently. I saw these beautiful books out of the corner of my eye. They were in a set. There were 10 books out of the 12 that were suppose to make a set. The guy sold them to me for a dollar a piece. $10. I paid $10 for them. We came home. Ryan did a little research. The whole set? Worth $250. We found one of the books on eBay for $4. We ordered it. Now, we just have to find the last book and we will have the entire set. SCORE, Hailey!!!

So, tell me. Which one do you think is false?


Diana said...

My guess is #4.

Anonymous said...

#7 is false

Anonymous said...

My guess is #7 the chicken is false

Jamie said...

First off, YAY for number 10! That's exciting! I am going to say #7 (but I had a hard time between 7 and 11, bc I don't remember you having braces).

Lindsey said...

I say #7 is false.

Meredith said...

My guess is either #2 or #7. I know you have recipes about chicken but I don't remember you writing with your left hand either!

Neila said...

I don't have my wisdom teeth either. Never had them. I think it's because when most people have them removed, you lose 2-3 lbs and God will never let that come so easily for me. Same reason why I've never had the stomach bug.

Margaret said...

You ain't left handed!

Midwest Mommy said...

Left handed