Thursday, January 28, 2010

Question Numero Uno.

I want to know how much time you get kid free. Do you wish you had more time? And what do you do during that time? How long do you plan on staying at home?

Kid-free time. Don't we all wish we had more of it? I would have a spotless house and time to shower/tee-tee/just be lazy. But then again, my life would be so super boring.

To answer your questions, Jamie, I don't get a lot of kid-free time. Caroline actually goes to preschool 4 days a week for 3 hours. I look forward to those 3 hours a day. I use those 3 hours to spend with Emma. Most of the time she naps for about an hour. I try to clean the house a little (which I am not good at), I check e-mails, write posts, etc. Most of the time, I do not use my time wisely and it gets away from me quickly.

It is hard having two kids. You feel like you can't ask someone to keep both children at the same time. My motto is: if it is a job for me and I am their mom, I can't ask someone else to keep them both for an extended period of time.

We do have our date nights which are much needed. I am lucky that I have my parents and my in-laws all within 5 minutes of my house. We have more than enough help. We only leave them for a few hours. We go to dinner, talk, relax and then we go pick them up. We have just recently started letting Caroline spend the night. She never asked before and we never pushed for it. What can I say? We like to have our kids at home with us. Once she started asking to stay over with her KK or Grandmom, we gave in and let her.

As for how long I am going to stay at home... that is the one million dollar question. I would love to go back to school, I am just not 100% sure about what I want to do. There are a million options, how do you just choose one? My goal? To make the most amount of money working as little as possible. Is that even practical? For a stripper, maybe. It would be ideal to get Caroline in Kindergarten. She only has a year and a half left of preschool. That way, if I ask someone to help they will only have to keep one baby. With no college degree, working right now isn't really an option. I wouldn't make enough to even pay for daycare for 2 children. Ryan works terrible hours and is a full time student so he can't help but so much during the day. Night jobs are limited unless I want to go back to waitressing which isn't below me and is something we have totally talked about.

That was a total ramble of a post.

In short, I do get kid-free time. I don't get enough of it... no one ever does. I don't use my kid-free time wisely and I need to just be a stripper {when I get my boobs}.


Jamie said...

Yeah I don't think a SAHM can ever get enough of a break, but like you said we always want Hayden with us because we just love her so much! Well, its good to know I'm not the only one without a plan. I just love being able to be with Hayden every second, even though it is very hard at times especially running on very little sleep, but I know I need to do something for myself too because one day she is going to be grown and then I will be stuck with lots of boredom!

Being a stripper would be great! WOW! They make a ton of money! Too bad they would NEVER hire me because of my lack of dancing ability hahahahaha!

It is very hard to choose what you want to do for the rest of your life! There ARE so many freakin options - welcome to America! It's great but it also makes it alot harder too! Since I already have my four year degree I am thinking about dental school but I can't even find time to study for the test so....we will see!

Krystyn said...

Kid free time? I didn't know that existed.

You are lucky to have family close to you....well, I'm sure it has it's disadvantages, but free sitters sure are nice.

Anonymous said...

I'm like you-- I never ask someone to keep them both at the same time. Its such a hard job raising two small kids, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. I wish I got more kid-free time too. Tanner goes to preschool 2 days a week now, will be 3 in the fall and I can't wait! That gives me some alone time with Stokes. On one of those days, Stokes and I have kindermusik. So much fun!

I don't know how long I'll be a SAHM. Depends on if we're done having kids or if we go for one more. I want them all to be in school before I go to work. I love my time alone with them and its something I will never get back so I try to enjoy it as much as I can.

Don't worry-- you'll figure out you're plan and I don't think it'll be a stripper! :)