Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tick-Off Tuesday.

Carrie has started a cute little game called "Tick-Off Tuesday".

Here's the idea: Do you have something that really irks you? That makes your old pet peeves seem minute? Lets get it out! Tell me what really makes you climb the walls. Just one thing.

I normally don't get all political on my blog but whatev. I am going to tonight... just a little bit.

Nothing pisses ticks me off more than the great debate between public and private school. To be honest, I don't care what you are choosing for your child. You know what's best for yours. I know what's best for mine. So, private/public... public/private... guess what? I finally don't give a shit crap. I have finally let it stop bothering me. Go for public school if thats what you want. Go for private school if thats what you want. We can still be friends. Promise.

Whew! I'm done. Thanks.

Until next Tuesday...


The Nicholsons said...

I'm sick of hearing it too. I think when your oldest gets to be around "that age," people start trying to get all in your bizzzz. I'm like you- whatever you choose is your business. Coming from both worlds {attending public through 10th grade; private 11th & 12th}, I'm choosing public unless its gets so bad that I fear for my child's like then I'll switch to private. Just my $.02. You will choose whats right for them!

The Nicholsons said...

*life.... typo!

Jamie said...

I agree with Carrie and I also might pull her/them out if I feel like they are not learning (but I seriously doubt this will be the case), plus Public=free hahahah! I like Tick-Off Tuesday, can't wait to do it next week!

Wendi said...

I agree.
Everyone is different.
Every child is different.
Every school is different.
I have one child in private school and two in public.
I love both schools.
I guess that makes me really different or really confused.

Dana said...

I am all for public schools, I just wish Lenoir county had better ones to choose from. Although,I really do love Banks! With that being said I went to public schools and turned out ok, at least I think so. I won't lie I have given private school some thought at one time but have come to the conclusion private schools have their own set of problems as well. As a parent I think it is normal to compare the two at one time or another! Well, said Hailey remind me to never discuss schooling with you again!! Haha