Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not pee my pants a little bit last night during a family tickle fight. My bladder is WAY more controllable than that.

I am not cooking a big pot of chili. I can almost taste it with all of its cheesy yumminess.

I am not upset at our Netflix picks this week. The Green Mile is one of them... which we have watched a hundred million times. It is an excellent movie but there are so many others I want to see. Ryan also picked Old Yeller. Ugh! Like I want to watch that. It's ok though because I most definitely did not add a long list of chick flicks AND a workout video that he is just going to love.

It is not freezing outside. I live in Eastern North Carolina for goodness sake. There is no way it was like 19 degrees this morning.

If it were that cold, Caroline most definitely would not announce that she was "freezing her balls off." I teach my kid better than that.

Emma has not fallen out of the kitchen chair 3 {maybe 4} times since yesterday. She stands up in the chair which leads to the falls. She will learn sometime... hopefully without a concussion being included.

Being a three year old does not mean that you learn how to talk back. It also does not mean that you roll your eyes and move your body as you talk back to your mother. Three year olds aren't suppose to do that. Someone just needs to send that memo to Caroline.

I'm off to stir my chili.

Look for blog posts for the rest of the week. {I will try to post early for you early birds}


Lindsey said...

Oh my daughter falls off of chairs all the time! It drives me nuts because she never will learn. When we had netflix I used to get workout videos too. Try them out then get them if you like em!
Uh Old Yeller? NO WAY!
I have been wanting a really good chili. Mind if I stop by your place for dinner tonight? It sounds so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I get a free dag-on second, I'm going to this because I've had a day from hell. Sounds like yours wasn't much better. Although I about fell out of my chair laughing at Caroline talking about her balls freezing off!

Jamie said...

I wish I could get through a movie without having to stop it 123,456 times! And I am sure Hayden is going to be saying much worse things due to her daddy's potty mouth but you can't help but laugh when they say things like ,"frezzing my balls off" hahahhaha that is hilarious!!

Oh and I did make shrimp and grits last night but I changed it a little. A put BBQ sauce on the shrimp (there was a restaurant in Wilmington that used to serve this and it was delicious. Mine was pretty good but nothing like Kiva had!!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard I am crying as I read your blog. Why have I only just discovered this? Thank you for sharing.