Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pee or death.

I am a huge fan of roller coasters.

I love them.

For some reason, I was extremely anxious this past weekend when it was my turn to ride.

Ryan chose this one. It is the newest ride at Carowinds.

Walking from the waterpark to the roller coaster was a short distance.

I couldn't talk on the way there.

I had this overwhelming fear that I was going to pee in my pants on the ride.

Don't laugh.

I'm serious.

I have described my bladder before. I have had two children. I sneeze... I pee. I jump on a trampoline... I pee. I do a dive into the pool... I pee. I have issues.

Anyway, I kept thinking about this roller coaster. What if I pee my pants? What am I going to do? I can't control it. If it starts, I can't stop it. WTH!

Like I said, on the short walk to the coaster this was what was going on in my head.

Then, I saw it. "It" being the roller coaster.

What the hell? It goes forward... then does the whole ride backwards. As you can see the the drawing, the roller coaster isn't one big connected track. It just... ends.

I'm going to pee for sure.

While waiting in line, there was this fan. Looking back, I realize it was there for park visitors who were standing in line waiting for the roller coaster.

When it blew across my face, for a split second I thought it was death.

What are you talking about, you ask?!

Remember this little movie?

So on top of the peeing fear, I was now worried that I was going to die. The roller coaster was going to derail and go flying across the amusement park and I was going to die.

Peeing my pants was looking a lot better than dying.

Then, it was our turn to get on the ride.

I took a deep breath as the gates opened and let us walk to our car.

Ryan decided on the next to last car which just so happened to be number 13.

I am not even kidding you.

I was 13L.

He was 13R.

We are going to die.

Then, I kept thinking that I was "L". "L" is for left. You know the saying lefty loosey. Yep. The left side will come loose and I will die first.

Just before the ride began, I was on the verge of a panic attack.

Well, I didn't pee my pants and we didn't die.

However, I didn't ride another roller coaster.

I couldn't handle the pressure.


Jamie said...

oh gosh hailey that sounds like a horrible experience!! I used to love them too but now they just hurt my body too much! Plus it is not a good idea when you have implants haha :)

Mira said...

I used to love, love, love roller coasters. Now I think I would die before I ever got on from a major panic attack. I feel your pain. I'm impressed that you went through with the ride.

Haley Nicodemus said...

I HATE rollercoasters and so does Kyle and hopefully so will Stella!

Krystyn said...

Hailey you are cracking me up!

So glad you didn't die or pee your pants...but I wish you would have ridden another coaster!

Kari said...

This story had me laughing out public! haha Thanks for making me look like an idiot! But, hilarious.
You will NEVER see me on a roller coaster. NEVER. But, if I had gotten close...the 13th car would have made me turn around...and never look back. Gald to see that you didn't pee on yourself....oh, and that you didn't die.