Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Caroline AND Anna conversations.

Caroline calls my best friend, Jordan, "Boobie". We don't know why. She just does.
"Boobie" is preggo and she and Caroline were having a talk the other night.

Jordan: "Caroline, are you ready to meet Boobie's baby?"
Caroline: "Yes."
Jordan: "What's her name going to be?"
Caroline: Thinks. "Boobie, why you have a vagina?"
Jordan: "Because, girls have vaginas and boys have... penises.
Caroline: "PENIS!"

My sister is starting college in a few weeks. We were talking about the whole college experience the other day.

Anna: "You know, I am suppose to read this book as summer reading. Do you think I should read it? I don't think that I am. Do you know what? They expect me to BUY the book! Can you believe that?"
Hailey: "Anna, this isn't elementary school. Your teacher doesn't pass out your books on the first day. You have to buy all of them."
Anna: "Oh."


Heather said...

Oh no! I hope that doesn't become Caroline's new favorite word! ha!

Krystyn said...

Okay, Caroline is totally reminding me of the little girl in Knocked Up...hilarious.

And, poor Anna...she's in for a rude awakening, isn't she?