Thursday, August 27, 2009

BUTTer beans.

Butter beans are one of our favorite sides. Mix them with a little corn and you have our favorite side dish in the world. We are easy and simple like that.

Last night, I was opening up a can of butter beans. These were different than normal. They had a little vidalia onion mixed with them.

Caroline was helping me cook dinner, of course. As I began to open the can of beans, I immediately noticed how awful they smelled.

Caroline began sniffing the air.

She paused.

She sniffed her arm.

She paused.

She sniffed my arm.

"Mom!" she exclaimed. "I smell you butt."

I could not contain my laughter.

I explained (through my giggles) that it was the butter beans that smelled terrible.

She sniffed and agreed it was the butter beans.

Later, she told Ryan, "Dose butter beans smell like Mommy stinky butt."

Note to self: NEVER buy those BUTTer beans again.
Check my recipe blog for a great chicken dish I cooked last night. It was super easy and very good!


Mira said...

My FAVORITE side dish is butter beans, with cornbread and onions. YUM! My breath probably smells like butt afterwards, but it is so good going down!

Jamie said...

that Caroline is hilarious to me!!

Diana said...

That cracked me up! She is so funny!

OHmommy said...

Yay Hailey!!!!

Congrats. You won the BUS book on my review blog. When you have a chance, please email me your address to classychaos at gmail


Kari said...

How appropriate! Now, we know how they REALLY got their name!

Midwest Mommy said...

lol! That is hilarious. Now every time I make chili and put my butter beans in I am going to think of your butt, lol

Andrea said...

haha...that is too funny! There's no way I'd be able to contain my laughter either if that happened in our home!! ha!