Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend randoms.

- We spent our weekend at home. It was nice. We haven't been at home since July 4th.

- Ryan landscaped all weekend and I played with the babes.

- We had our date night Saturday night with two friends. Oh, how I love date night.

- Emma, Ryan and I are full of cold. We were all up at 2:30 last night.

- Caroline made a new friend this weekend.

- I did my first mini photo shoot Saturday. I was just practicing of course. {Pictures to come in a later post}

- Caroline's playhouse is done. Now, we just have to paint it purple. My Dad worked on it all weekend.

- Today we are planning to go to the pool.

- Emma can now pat-a-cake and blow kisses. She loves baby dolls. Last night she surprised us by walking while pushing a little car. I foresee walking in the near future. (fun times)

- Caroline's new trick is sticking her tongue out. "I not like you anymore!" she says followed with some tongue sticking out. She also has issue with fingernails and toenails. She bites both. She also bites Emma's. She has just learned to use fingernail clippers. She is clipping her non-existent nails as we speak. Issues. The kid has issues. {ha}

- My baby sister, Anna, moves to a college town this weekend. She is so excited. My mom... not so much.

- I am looking for a double umbrella stroller. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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