Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reason number 842 that my child will need therapy.

Caroline bounced down the stairs this morning. "Mom. Dad." she said.

Before she could finish I was all loud and aggravating. "Good morning beautiful, little, princess, angel" I said in an extremely high pitched voice.

She slowly walked to me, head down. I'm sure she was thinking WTH? Why is my Mom such a nutjob?

She looked up at my face and screamed. "Wh...wh... what's dat?" Pointing to the alien that has landed and made itself a home on my upper lip.

"What are you talking about?" I asked jokingly.

"It's lellow."


"LELLOW! IT'S LELLOW!" (that's how she says "yellow")

All I could do was laugh.

"It's just a fever blister. You know how Mommy has had a cold? Well this is what happens to me. I pray to God you don't get them." I should have explained how I took 2000mg (yes, 4-500mg tablets) of Valtrex day before yesterday when I felt the alien growing on my face. I could have told her that I think that my body has become immune to Valtrex (is that possible, Lesley?). Instead, I stopped because she just sat and stared at the beast.

"Don't kiss me with that."

I didn't kiss her. I just chased her around the downstairs acting as if I was going to put my fever blister on her.

As far as I see it, I need to use the alien to my advantage. It will be my form of discipline. "Caroline, stop that or I am going to put my fever blister on you."

NOTE: I do not actually let the fever blister touch her. Please do not leave comments telling me that they are contagious and I am a bad mother. Thanks.


Christine said...

Tea Tree Oil. It'll get rid of it. I promise - and you can hold me to it. Plus it makes your lip and cheek numb just like novacane...but only for a little!

Amy said...

they are contagious and you are a bad mother... HA!
i chase my kids around with their own, you know, whatever, lol

Jamie said...

Hey whatever works! That's my new moto! BTW I feed Hayden oatmeal last night with a spoon and she loved it:) Thanks girl!

Krystyn said... her around with it. Aren't kids nice...I wonder when they will learn not to point stuff out (like a giant zit on my nose)?