Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I wanted to lay down and cry. {Seriously}

I have never had professional pictures taken of my children.

I'm not sure why exactly.

I just didn't find it necessary, I guess.

Then after I got my camera, there was really no point. I could take my own pictures.

This weekend while away, we had an appointment to have our pictures made Saturday morning at 10am.

We wanted to have a picture taken of all seven of the grandchildren for Ryan's parents.

Ryan's sister, our BIL and 3 nieces live in Germany so it is not often that we are all together at the same time to take a picture.

Anyway, the experience for me was horrific.

I should have known that the day was going to hell in a hand basket when I had to go to the bathroom before the pictures even began. Caroline of course had to follow. While I was tee-teeing, Caroline decided to open the door as I am in mid-stream. What was I to do? I kept tee-teeing and yelled for her to shut the door. This caused at least 3 heads turn my way and see me tee-teeing. One guy must have gotten an eye full because he stared at me as I walked out of the bathroom and past his little table. I should have yelled, "LOOK AT THE PICTURES OF YOUR KID YOU FREAK! THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO SEE HERE!"

However, I kept my cool and kept walking.

Let's just say that Caroline and Emma had multiple breakdowns after that.

The photographer kept throwing a dog in Emma's face. She took to it lightly the first 3 times. By number 6, Emma was over it. I thought at one point her head was going to spin around and she was going to start shooting green vomit everywhere.

Caroline would be fine one minute. The next she was having convulsions in the middle of the floor as if someone was ripping her hair out. (Ok. It wasn't that bad. She was just crying. But, she might as well have been having convulsions. It couldn't have been any worse.) Poor Ryan was promising Starbursts and his right arm for her to cooperate and stop crying.

We had a come-to-Jesus meeting in the corner at one point that may or may not have been overheard by my BIL, Kevin. If it was, I hope and pray to God I didn't say any ugly words. I was just trying to put the fear of God in her. I just wanted her to smile and take a freaking picture. Is that too much to ask?

I guess so.

In those moments, I thought to myself... This is why I don't do professional pictures. My children can't handle the pressure.

Reason number 387 that my children will need therapy when they get older.

Aside from those experiences, we got a few good pictures.

You better say they are good or I might go nuts on you, ok? We worked hard for these.

Here are some shots we got for Ashlyn to use for Cole Baby Tutu's. A little secret... Ash may or may not be working on these headbands and hats to sale. Shh! Keep your eyes open!


Diana said...

They really are GREAT pictures! I love to tutu adorable!You can't even tell they were anthing but perfect!

Jamie said...

oh my that reminds me of our horror of a photo shoot! I feel your pain except you had double the trouble!! It was not a good idea to take a 4 week old. Especially to a photographer who thought she should be able to look at the camera every-time she moved! Dumbass! And it didn't help that my husband was so ready to go we came home with 234,567,987 pictures! But after your suffering I see it was well worth it! Those pictures are too cute! I love love love the tutu pictures with the flower hats!!

Krystyn said...

There are some cute ones...and I try to avoid the professional ones, too! Such a headache!

Heather said...

I have also already realized how much pressure is involved when having professional pictures taken. Reagan has been once and she did well but I was so worked up that I had sweat marks under my arms. It is stressful!! I can only imagine how bad it is if the babies are crying! By looking at the pictures you sure can't tell they were upset. The pictures are great! I LOVE the tutus! I can't wait for Reagan to get hers! =)