Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordlessful Wednesday.

Meet Cynthiaa.

I just started following her on twitter.

Cynthiaa was pregnant with a baby boy named Aiden.

She calls him "Bug". (That's what we call Em.)

On February 2nd at 11:23am Aiden James was born into Heaven.

It breaks my heart to read her tweets. It breaks my heart to not know what to say. All we can do is pray for her peace and strength. Pray that God will get her through such a difficult time.

So today was the day for a balloon release for Aiden Bug. February 11th. Today was also the day that Cynthiaa laid her precious baby boy to rest here on Earth.

I woke up this morning planning in my head how my day would go. I needed to get Caroline to preschool, get a dress, get blue balloons for Aiden... and I stopped. I stopped and said a prayer. A prayer for a hurting mother that doesn't know what to do. A prayer for a mother who has lost like no one should lose.

I got Caroline to school on time.

I got a speeding ticket on the way home. I was about to cry and be dramatic about it all and remembered Cynthiaa. Remember what Cynthiaa is dealing with right now.

I got Caroline's dress.

I made my way to the balloon store.

"Two blue balloons please."

"Oh. What are they for?"

"A balloon release for a baby that was born into Heaven."

"I'm so sorry for your friend."

"I don't know her really. I blog. She blogs. I found her blog. I read. Anyway, a lot of mommies in the blogging world are doing this today."

"I wish I had had people like you praying and thinking of me when I lost 11 of my babies."

I get into the car.

One balloon pops.

Thinking to myself... "It's ok. We will tie the popped one to the other one. When they get to Jesus and Aiden, they will fix it."

5.3 minutes later.


Balloon number two popped.

What do I do now?

I drove twenty minutes in the OTHER direction to the town where Caroline has preschool.

I stopped at a store.

No latex balloons. I was about to lose it. Remember what Cynthiaa is going through right now.

I grabbed a red heart balloon instead.

"That will do," I said to myself.

Fast-forward 45 minutes.

We reach our destination.

I start getting Caroline out of the car.

"Caroline, hold tight to the balloon. I need to tie the blue ones to it and I want to take your picture when you let it go," I say.

2.6 seconds later... bye bye red heart balloon. She let it go. I couldn't get to my camera. I wanted to yell. I wanted it to be special. I wanted great pictures. Then I remember what Cynthiaa was going through. "Don't stress Hailey."

I grabbed Caroline and the two popped blue balloons and we walked.

I took pictures.

I told Caroline we were giving the balloons to Jesus. I told her that He would find them wherever she put them and He would fix them.

She wanted to put them at the edge of the woods.

So here you go Aiden Bug.

Caroline was trying to blow the balloon back up.

She tried to let them go so that they would fly away but it didn't work.

Caroline yelling for Jesus to come get the balloons.

We walked so far. But, it was worth it.
Please pray for Cynthiaa and her family. They need all the prayers we can give.


Corey and Jamie said...

I feel like everyday I hear a horror story about mothers losing their babies in some way and it tears me up! Poor lady- my heart goes out to her! Every time I think I am having a bad day I just stop and think "somebody has it ALOT worse today!"

Krystyn said...

Hailey-this was such a beautiful post.

My heart breaks for her. I can't even imagine.

Haley Nicodemus said...

I love this post!

I've been reading her blog for awhile now - isn't it the saddest thing ever! I can't read it without crying.

Caroline's ornery but she sure is sweet! (Probably like her momma!)

Ellen said...

How sad!!! It makes you realize that we can't take a single minute for granted with our children and loved ones.